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Ali Collection Home Furnishings has been in the business of making your house a home for close to 5 decades. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to become a leading retailer of premium curtains and decorative accessories. Our experience and hard work has enabled us to penetrate into different markets of Lahore and nowby the grace of God, Ali Collection is the first to serve the domestic and international markets through online shopping facility.

Since the day of our founding, Ali Collection has been a firm believer in delivering the best and letting our products speak for themselves. Our dedication to quality is reflected in the daily operations and in our management principles. We ensure punctuality by streamlining production processes and efficient methods. With the passage of time Ali Collection has introduced different lines such as custom-made curtains, curtain accessories, furniture, lamps, chandeliers and decorative accessories. As an added perk to our customers, the fabric used in our curtains is exclusively imported from UAE, Turkey, Europe and China.

For a brief introduction watch this video.